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MUAY THAI AGAINST CRIME (MTAC) Is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT Martial Arts and Further Education School for young people in the community who are facing social educational and financial exclusion. 

We use Muay Thai and other martial art skills as a platform for positive change and empowerment , and offer access to coaching , mentoring and training opportunities. 

This enhances their wellbeing, self awareness, community spirit, also their abilities and confidence in the open job market . 

We are primarily for the benefit of young people, in inner London boroughs aged 10-24, who may be experiencing


We have highly decorated and experienced fight coaches that have been teaching martial arts in the community for over 30 years. We have trained multiple national and world champions. It is because of this Pedigree that we also asked once a year aim to take students out to Thailand to represent Great Britain in International Tournaments such as the World Amateur Games.

However, over the last decade we have witnessed an ever increasing amount of gang related activities and have received many requests for help from young adults, that  feel trapped in this cycle and do not have the skills to move forward. 

We have been actively helping and supporting these young people and wish to continue supporting them in their wider lives using Muay Thai as a method of bringing social change with the competitive aspect of sport,  to succeed in school and work aspiring to greatness . Creating opportunities for young people to demonstrate their talents both in the ring and in life .  Become champions of life . 

Our students are typically between the ages of 10-24 (male and female) that are financially and socially vulnerable in the Nth London area, that would not otherwise have access to such training and they are fully supported by us.
Through this they develop as more confident citizens with an additional set of skills and improved employability. Leading to more positive outcomes.

We will provide the target group with access to a wide range of services, including ICT skills development, literacy and numeric development, Family support, healthy living advice, substance abuse awareness and sexual health awareness.

We have many young people that have shown interest in these courses and we are often asked to assist schools and local community centres.

We are based in the heart North London in the middle of  London’s most crime affected areas. Yet there is nothing like this serving Yet there is nothing like this serving the community nor in the surrounding area. 

Due to lack of community resources , the groups we assist are often excluded from such positive activity for a variety of reasons, primarily the high membership prices, the cost of equipment, social exclusion and ‘challenging’ behaviours.

For us to help more people and quite frankly save young lives we actively seek your support and donations. Please text CHAMPIONS to 70560 to donate £5

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