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What is Muay Thai?
Muay Thai is a Thai Martial Art, it descended from Muay Boran an ancient fighting system. It is known as the science of eight limbs; utilizing the punches, elbows, knees and kicks. 

How much do classes cost?
Prices vary slightly at each of our training centers. Please visit our timetable to see our pricing information.


When are the classes?
We hold classes on every day of the week at one or more of our training centers, please visit our timetable for exact information.


Do I have to be fit to come?
No, beginners and all levels are welcome. This type of training is designed to improve your general fitness increasing your cardio-vascular system and muscular endurance.


How long are the classes?
Classes are usually 2hrs but the length varies from training center to center depending on the level of class and its structure. See our timetable for further information.


What are the facilities like?
Each location has different facilities. Our HQ in Tottenham has a ring and floor to celling bags. Each training center has punch and kick pads, shin guards, boxing cloves and an environment that encourages a good learning experience of Muay Thai.


What kinds of people attend classes?
We have people from all kinds of backgrounds and ethnicities. After all London is a big  cosmopolitan city with people living here from all over the world and our classes reflect this.


What should I wear? What should I bring with me?
When you first come just bring shorts and a preferable a black t-shirt. After a month of training you will be expected to purchase club kit and wear club colours, Muay Thai Masters Academy Shorts and T-shirt. Also we recommend each student buying their own boxing gloves, hand wraps, shin guards and ankle supports. For those who want getting into sparring a gum shield and  groin guard will be useful. We do have club cloves and shin guards but we recommend you get your own.


If I have a disability, can I still train?
Of course you can, and we welcome you to come into the academy and have a chat. We have trained people who have lost part of their eyesight and they have made good progress.


How do I get to the gym?
Visit our Contact Us page, there is a map and directions to each of our training centers.


Do I have to fight if I train?
No, not at all. A lot of our students do not choose to fight. Some of our students train just to develop their general fitness and build up their confidents. Many also choose to take on our syllabus and achieve their Khans (Grades) which in turn builds up the knowledge of the art. 


Where can I get the equipment from?
You can get kit from each of our instructors. 


What types of training are on offer? 
We offer the following types of training; *    Super Fit Circuit Training *    Pad-work Training *    Sports Muay Thai (Ring Sport) *    Muay Boran (Battle Field) *    Muay Thai Syllabus Grading 1 -14 Khans 


Do I need to book training sessions before I come? 
No, you can just come along and join the class.


What are the teachers like? What’re their credentials and experience?
Each of our instructors are highly trained and have passed a stringent process of tests to become an Assistant Kru (assistant teacher), Kru (teacher) or Arjan (master). The head of the camp, Arjan V Deckon spent 11 years training under Master Bill Judd and has been graded in Thailand by Grand Master Woody. He has also been learning Muay Boran for 8 years with Arjan Marco Desarsis and he spent 2 years with the Thai Colonel Amnat Pooksrisuk. Arjan V, personally supervises the training of all Muay Thai Masters Academy teachers and they all continue to develop their training levels in the UK and in Thailand.


Have you ever been to Thailand?
We have been going to Thailand for over 15 years. Once a year we train with Gradmaster Woody and the World Muay Boran Federation and at various other Muay Thai Camps throughout Thailand. Out annual trip is always around the 17th March to celebrate Nai Khanom Tom Day in Ayutthaya. 


I’m considering fighting. Can you train me to do this?
We have a lot of experience when it comes to training up fighters. So yes we can train you for ring fighting. We have produced many champions, two World Champions, a European & Commonwealth champion, a British Champion and many Regional Champions.


Can I do classes privately?
Each of our Instructors offer 121 training and it will defiantly accelerate your training process, brining forth your true potential. 


How long have you been established?
As a collective we have been established for over six years, but at the beginning of 2011 we went through some large changes and we have now evolved into the Muay Thai Masters Academy.


I have a question that’s not answered here.  What do I do?
Please visit our contact us page and email your question to our club secretary Star or you can contact anyone of our instructors.

Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Code of Conduct page. Here you will learn useful tips around Traditional Muay Thai Protocal that is conducted at all out training centers.

• Always try to arrival at least 10/15 mins before class begins. This way you can help set up and future prepare yourself your the class. Everyone helps to put kit out and put it away.

• Fees are paid on entry, before the class begins.

• Wai (Thai Baow) is a sign of respect. You should always Wai as you enter any Muay Thai Training Centre and you should also Wai as you greet your instructor and fellow students. The Wai is also used to as a sign top show, respect and a committed agreement after being given instruction.


• Greet your instructor with Sawa-dee-ka (if you're a girl) & Sawa-dee-krap (if you're a guy) This is a traditional Thai greeting. Often the Wai and the greeting are done together.


• If you have any physical injury or mental health issue please make your instructor aware of it before you start training. This is so that the Instructor can advise you and keep an eye on your well-being.


• Depending on rank our you should refer to your Instructors as Kru or Arjan


• When an instructor is talking you should be facing him or her and stand upright, with hands behind your back in the (PAK Position). This is to show your alert and ready to respond to the instruction.


• To respond in agreement to your instructor you should say KAP, which means YES in Thai.


• Your appearance should look be tide and maintained. Your T shirt must be tucked in at all times and kept in good condition. Gym kit and colors are to be worn after the 1st month of training.


•  This is not a social club…so no conversing with each other during class. (Unless it is regarding training matters.)


• At the end of the class stand in Pak position face your instructor for de briefing /end of session.

•  All kit must be put away before you get dressed!


• Uncontrolled malicious acts of violence carried out against another class member is not permitted. Anyone behaving in this way will be permanently excluded from training at the club.


•  While training the Instructors/Kru/Ajarns word is final!

Our training methods are designed to be fun, challenging, informative and disciplined. Enjoy your class and always give 100 %! Oss! .

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