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Welcome to the MTMA Family

Muay Thai Masters Academy is a London based camp with members from all over the world. We our fully committed to Mastering the skills and techniques of traditional Muay Thai. We aim to encourage personal growth and development in each of our students through internal and external Martial Arts training.

The camp is headed by a team of focused individuals who have collectively been involved in Muay Thai for over 60 years. We annually make the journey to Thailand to work on mastering and developing our understanding of the Art of Muay Thai. The clubs ethos is one of commitment, self discipline and personal development. We aim to instill in our students the traditional martial arts values of family, respect, honor, duty, loyalty, courage, fortitude, self control, leadership skills and social accountability. We believe that Muay Thai can enhances physical, mental and spiritual growth in individuals which in turn can lead to self discovery and development.

We believe that Muay Thai can enhance physical, mental and spiritual growth in individuals which in turn can lead to self discovery and development. We have a traditional grading syllabus of 1st – 14th Khan, for those students who want to develop on a traditional grading ladder.  We teach a high standard of the battle field version of Muay Thai which is better known as Muay Boran and our general passion to achieve the highest standard of fitness is second to none.  We also have a competitive side to the camp, which competes at inter-club level, right up to International title fights. Our Instructors have produced British European Champions, Commonwealth Champions and World Class Champions.

As a training academy dedicated to Traditional Thai Martial Arts we are not solely committed to producing ring champions but more importantly we are keen to produce members who can master themselves through mastering the art of Muay Thai. Our Aim is to empowering individuals to gain the skills required to excel throughout their life, at home, in education and their profession.

We believe that hard Muay Thai training is an excellent ancient method for transforming oneself into the best person possible. We are the Muay Thai Masters Academy, join us on the journey of self discovery and learn the amazing Art of Muay Thai.

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Vincent S Deckon is a 14th Khan (Arjan V) and began his training at the age of fourteen at York House Boxing club. (Read More)

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Star Joyce is a highly respected Head Kru at Muay Thai Masters Academy HQ London with over 15yrs experience in Muay Thai , Kru star is passionate about developing her students to reach their full potential. (Read More)



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LionHeart has been practicing Muay Thai for 17 years and he is now a 12th Khan Muay Thai/Boran teacher and a Qualified Fitness Instructor NVQ level 2. (Read More)

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