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 Arjan Vincent S Deckon Vincent S Deckon is a 14th Khan (Arjan V) and began his training at the age of fourteen at York House Boxing club. He then moved on to training with his brother Stephen T French British European and World Champion in Shotokan Karate they would exchange knowledge about the benefits of boxing and the advantages of Shotokan. Vinnie then began training in Lodge Lane with Alfie Lewis four times World Kick Boxing Champion. During this time he studied at Liverpool University where he gained a BA honours in Sociology and a MA in Ethnic and Race Relations.

Following his relocation to London he began training under Chris McNeish at the Peacock Gym  and then he moved across  London training at KO Gym under the guidance of the  World Champion Bill Judd. During this time he traveled annually to Italy for 7 years and trained under the world famous Arjan Marco Desaris at the International Muay Boran Academy and gained his 12th Khan Advanced in Muay Boran, Vinnie for over a decade  has traveled to Thailand  on a yearly basis to train under Grand Master Woody and Grand Master Paosowhat. In 2009 he was awarded his 14th Khan (Arjan) in Ayutthaya Thailand on the 17th of March ( Nai Khanom Tom Day) and it was such a great honour for him to shared the platform with many highly decorated Muay Thai Grand Masters and Masters. Whilst at KO gym he became Bill Judd’s head coach and trainer of the KO fighters.

Throughout his distinguish career he has always had the honour to train under world champions and this has greatly influenced his training methods and practices. Helping him to produced two World Champions one European and Commonwealth Champion, Ring Master Champions, and many British Champions. In 2004 with another colleague he co-founded and developed another Muay Thai Academy which under his guidance became successful however the partnership ended. Then in Jan 2011 Arjan V and a committee of trusted Instructors went onto collectively create Muay Thai Masters Academy.  A Muay Thai Camp dedicated mastering ones self by mastering the skills and techniques of Muay Thai. Motto: "Practice Makes the Master" Email:


Daniel Sam  Daniel is a professional Muay Thai fighter and qualified instructor who has been training for 8 years. As a fighter, Daniel has had 20 fights with 16 wins 4 losses and 8 ko's. He was the first Ringmasters Heavyweight champion in 2007 and the amateur European Gold medallist in the 2007. Daniel is now the current British Heavyweight Champion and currently ranked UK no.1 in the Super Heavyweight Division.

Notable beaten opponents:
Chris Knowles
Alessio Valentini
Thanasis Michaloudis
As an instructor Daniel is an 11th Khan asst. Khru, qualified in Ayutthaya, Thailand in 2010 under Grand Master Woody and Grand Master Phoswat.
Daniel regularly instructs classes in the Tottenham academy. He has been the Chief Instructor at the Fight for Peace academy for last 3 years, and is the official ambassador for Luta Clothing Brand.
Daniel is also a qualified gym instructor (YMCA NVQ level 2), First aid qualified and fully insured.

For one-2one training and group sessions you can contact Daniel on:

Tel: 07852224394

LionHeart LionHeart has been practicing Muay Thai for 17 years and he is now a 12th Khan Muay Thai/Boran teacher and a Qualified Fitness Instructor NVQ level 2. He began his journey on the path of a warrior at the age of seven, studying Jujitsu, kickboxing, Judo and traditional boxing; before he found his way with the Art of Muay Thai. He initially practiced Sports Muay Thai for two years under the guidance of the internationally recognized Muay Thai coach and promoter Ralph Beal. He went on to train in Muay Thai/kick boxing for 3 years with the former Muay Thai world champion Tim Izli and during the same time trained with the All Stars Thai/Boxing team in west London. In 2000 he began learning T'ai Ch and Qi Gong at the school of Taiji and then went on to do courses in Qi Gong with the Shaolin Temple in Tufnell Park and the Ausar Auset Society in West London.  Also that year he helped to establish the Adams Thai Boxing gym with Shaz Janab in the city of London.

In 2001 LionHeart started training under the guidance of (Master) Arjan Vincent Deckon, who introduced him to a more authentic format of the Muay Thai and Muay Boran grading system. Under Ajarn V's tuition he grew into a strong/intelligent fighter and a committed coach. He has been trained in Muay Thai, Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong. He became a Ring Master finalist in 2009 but due to a non-fighting injury he was not able to continue his fighting career. Since then his focus has been on developing a deeper understanding of the Muay Thai/Boran grading system, techniques, physical health and fitness. Today Kru LionHeart continues to develop his Art along side teaching in London’s Liverpool St. He also provides specialist 121 training in Muay Thai/Boran, Life-Fit, Boot Camp and Body Balance.  Mottos: "Iron sharpens Iron" – "When you train, you are like a blade being forged in the fire, once completed only the perfected blade remains" – "Champions aren't born, they are created through hard training and application!" – Respect, Honor and the Heart of a Lion" For one-2one training and group sessions you can contact Kru LionHeart on: Tel: 07957 994 138 Email: 

Akin Akin has been involved in Muay Thai for many years, he first started kick boxing under Eddie Dujon 15 years ago. This gave him a taste for the sport, he has since been training in the Muay Thai Masters gym under the legendary Master Vinnie for over 10 years. He started of doing kick boxing with Eddie Dujon for 5 years Akin is involved in every aspect of every fighters training, from technique, to tactics and conditioning.

He has had the pleasure of training with many great people including 4 times K-1 champion Ernesto Hoost  to name just one of them. He is ever present in the Tottenham branch of Muay Thai Masters. In fact he is the chief 2nd in the fight corner for most of the fighters, and can often be seen cornering fighters from their very first foray into amateur competition right up to the heights of fighting in the K-1 tournaments.

As well as being a meticulous teacher Akin is also a competitive fighter who has fought many times for team MTMA. He is well known within the Thai Boxing industry and he now runs the full time Muay Thai Masters gym in Wood Green with Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing classes. Mottos: "The will to win is within" – "The gentleness of a lamb, with the fight of a lion!" For one-2one training and group sessions you can contact Akin on: Tel: 07714 952 398 Email:

Star Star began her Muay Thai training under Arjan Vinnie in 2006. More recently in 2010 she began learning the application of Muay Boran. Her fight record is 2wins – 1loss. She was also the 2009 Ringmasters finalist.

Star has successfully completed her 3rd khan & is preparing to take her 4th. She also makes yearly trips to train at Sityodtong in Pattaya Thailand also at Sting Gym in Melbourne Australia. Her role within MTMA is the Tottenham camps club secretary with responsibilities being the handling of fees, memberships, monies for club kit & tickets for fight events. She also helps to run the clubs Amateur & Interclub fights shows.

For one-2one training and group sessions you can contact Star on: Email:


ImageVaz Growing up in Jamaica I played cricket, did swimming and studied Taekwondo.  As my confidence grew, my coordination skills improved and I felt motivated and empowered by doing sports, I completed my YMCA Lifeguard license at the age of seventeen and worked as a fitness and swimming instructor at the University of Technology in Kingston.

Since moving to the UK in 2002, I have worked as a Swimming Instructor, a Lifeguard and have also worked in the Security Industry. I continue to enhance my expertise in the latter field through various professional development courses such as Close Protection Security, Door Supervising and other relevant courses. Nevertheless, my passion in Martial Arts remained to be prominent and in 2002 after meeting Arjan Vincent S Deckon, I began to train in Muay Thai with the intention of becoming a fighter. Till this day I possess a fight record of six wins, one draw and one loss. The loss came about due to an unfortunate injury to my right shoulder as a result of which my career had to be put on hold for effective recovery. This nonetheless did not stop me from continuing to develop my skills in Martial Arts so I focused on passing my Khans under the guidance of Arjan Vincent. In 2009, I passed my 10th Khan and in the interim I also completed various courses in Muay Thai such as Muay Thai Pad-work and Muay Boran workshops with Arjan Marco De Cearis and Bramajan Phosawat Saengsawang. I currently run classes for Muay Thai Masters Academy in various locations in East London and also work as a personal trainer.

I have now been doing Martial Arts for eighteen years and continue to want to progress myself further. I am passionate and committed to the ethos and morals of this empowering form of art. I remain eager to relentlessly deepen and broaden my knowledge of Muay Thai through continuous training and by visiting Thailand to train with respected Muay Thai Grandmasters.

As an instructor, I strive to develop the aptitude to integrate the various knowledge I hold of sports, health and fitness to develop a holistic way of working with clients. I am committed and strive to motivate my students to reach their goals and beyond because while one trains a student, one is also training oneself.

Motto: "You gain what you put in" – "Enjoy it while you do it" – "Always have a smile on your face even on those dark days"

For one-2-one training and group sessions you can contact Vaz on: Tel: 07943 163 299


H I have been practicing Muay Thai for approximately 12 years under the tuition of Arjan Vinnie; as a martial artist, I am in the position to give advice and instruction on Muay Thai training techniques, stretching, and core strengthening exercises.

During my 12 years, I have achieved many accolades. During that time the experience gained combined with my personal training knowledge has given me the essential skills and a unique insight into understanding, motivating and inspiring others. Class structure and personal tuition with me is empowering and energetic.

Training sessions are intense cardiovascular workouts targeting all major muscle groups, burning fat and mentally challenging the individual, in a refreshing, challenging and dynamic environment. Motto: "Failure lies not in falling down. Failure lies in not getting up”

H can be contacted on: Email:

Stylus Stylus started boxing in 1995 at the world famous All Stars Boxing Gym in London. While on a trip to Australia in 2000 he was introduced to Kick Boxing. He continued the sport upon his return to the UK where he trained under the guidance of Eddie Dujon in Nth London. Stylus found the Art of Muay Thai 2001 and has been training under Arjan V since then. He has also spent time in Thailand where he trained at the Rawai Gym in Phuket.

He is a qualified weight lifting, warrior workout, spin & fitness instructor, plus ABA boxing tutor & Fight Club instructor. His technique has progressed to a highly advanced level & is known for his very traditional Thai style which he embraces in his classes. Stylus is currently teaching 5 classes a week and often runs clinch workshops in Tottenham. He is also available for 121 training. For one-2one training and group sessions you can contact Stylus on: 
For one-2one training and group sessions you can contact Stylus on: Tel: 07511 283 101



Danielle  Danielle started training in Muay Thai in 2008, and is currently working towards her 3rd Khan. She is a qualified Boxercise instructor, and brings to her training a high level of enthusiasm and support for others in the camp, both in and outside of the ring.  One of her main roles is acting as club secretary at the wood green camp, supporting the day to day activities and the running of the gym.  Danielle is active in looking into ways in which young people from deprived backgrounds can become engaged in Muay Thai, in order to pass on the positive impact associated with disciplined training and the principles of  Muay Thai.

You can contact Danielle


Maria For most her life she has been involved in the arts. Maria first fell in love with performing arts and she went on to become a professional singer, dancer and performer working in theaters in London and New York. She began Kickboxing in 2001 and developed a new passion for Martial Arts. She developed new strengthens and confidence doing kickboxing for 7 years before she discovered art of Muay Thai. In 2009 she began 121 training with Ajran Vinnie and it was the tradition, honor, discipline, skills, techniques and rituals that appealed to her the most.

Over the last 3 years she has swiftly gone through her grade to developed a great understanding of the art learning from Ajarn V the true ways of a warrior. Muay Thai has become Maria's most important passion and with this she decided to pass on the art of Muay Thai to others. Today Maria teaches 121 sessions full time in a private gym in North London. She teaches mainly woman, empowering them with the skills, traditional techniques and respect for all aspects of the art in the same way that they were taught to her. Mottos: "Being humble and open to learning and bettering oneself, not just in the ring but in life"

For one-2one training and group sessions you can contact Maria on: Tel: 07958 581 515

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