April Update- Thailand Trip & Daniel Sam at Glory 5

Over the last year or so, everyone at Muay Thai Masters Academy has been raising money to sponsor two students to go to Thailand.  Richard and Rohat have been training at and fighting out of Muay Thai Masters Academy for a number of years, and were well on their way to becoming proficient Krus (teachers).  Instructors and students banded together to raise over £2000; from hosting interclubs to sky diving to abstaining from coffee, everyone contributed massively to get the boys to Bangkok. 


On 10th March, along with Arjan Vinnie, Vaz, Lionheart, Dion and Danielle, they flew to Bangkok for the World Muay Thai Championships.  There they trained with some of the greats: Kru Suphan Chabairam, Kru Mud Chaiyarat, and Grand Master Woody, as well as Krabi Krabong under Colonel Amnat Pooksrisuk and Muay Boran under Master Phosawat Saengsawang, and on 17th March, Nai Khanomtom Day, Richard, Rohat, Vaz and Lionheart received their Kru certificates and participated in the Wai Kru ceremony at Ayutthaya.

Following this, the gang went to Kaiphontip, a training camp on the north-western outskirts of Bangkok, to train for a week, pushing themselves with twice daily gruelling training sessions.  Although it was a quieter environment than the city, the quality of one to one training was amazing, and far more physical than the previous week.  

On a more local note, on 23rd March, at Daniel Sam fought Singh Jaideep at Glory 5 at the London Excl Centre.    He won by way of unanimous decision after 3 hard rounds, knocking Singh down in the first round.  Singh came back in the 2nd, but Daniel kept the pressure on, winning the 3rd round.

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July Fight Update

One of our female fighters, Lamia will be fighting at the 14th Pure Force show in Luton on Sunday 15th July. It will be a K-1 amateur fight at the Liquid and Envy Club.

Even though she’s been away from London for a while, Lamia’s been working hard at various gyms to sharpen up her technique and start up her fight career, impressively training in Denver, New York and Spain. However, she’s choosing to represent Muay Thai Masters Academy and will be wearing our shorts, hopefully, to give her opponent some beautiful head kicks.  It’s likely to be an explosive night, and Elvis Spahic, a current team-mate of Lamia, will be headlining the event, fighting for the ISKA Intercontinental Belt.

Pistol Pete will be leading our junior warriors, Fester, Tiego and Marcello, over to Nemesis for an interclub. Further details to follow, but these guys are definitely ones to watch.

Daniel Sam’s at Fight Club in Romania

On the 17th November, 2011, Daniel Sam, Muay Thai Masters Academy’s Number One Heavyweight fighter will be participating in an 8 man heavy weight tournament in Oradea, Romania.  He’s trained hard under the experienced tutelage of Arjan Vinnie Deckon both in London at Muay Thai Masters Academy HQ and in Amsterdam at Mike’s Gym, and we have every confidence that Daniel Sam will deliver the goods with his powerful flying knees and devastating low kicks. 

The tournament and the subsequent super-fights will be televised on live on Eurosport 2 at 1900.



The tournament line up is:

Stefan Leko v Tsotne Rogava

Slavo Polugic v Coco Rus

Christian Colombo v Roman Kleibl

Daniel Sam v Ben Edwards

Sebastian van Thielen v Errol Zimmerman


Super-Fights on the night are:

Neil Cooke v Alexandru Lungu

Rico Verhoeven v Hesdy Gerges

Daniel Sam’s Win for MTMA



1. Daniel Sam – Muay Thai Masters Academy

2. Jason Dutton – IMPACT GYM


4. Hafiz Bakhshaliyev – KO GYM London

Winner on the night was Daniel Sam – Muay Thai Masters Academy
Check out his fights below…

MTMA at the Team Tieu – Super Muay Thai Championship Event

We had three Muay Thai Master's fighting at this event. First up was Pete fighting at 60kg / C class. He came up against Adrian Crookendale from the Singdayt gym. An opponent who was 6ft.1 compared to Pete's 5ft.6. The first round started with both fighters exchanging punches and kicks. Pete's skill and speed stood out at first until Adrian found away of tying him up in the clinch using a brutal attack of knees to stop Pete's attacks. After that the next three rounds involved Adrian attack Pete in the clinch and Pete using foot work and one or to attacks to keep him at bay. Pete loss the fight on points. More Practice on the clinch Pete! Good fitness!

Next up was David Sa fighting at 90kg / C-Class against Aaron Jameson from the Red Dragons gym. This was a big fight, as David had been personally called out by the Red Dragons. Aaron was a well cut opponent with a strong upper body. David was well trained and well prepared for a hard fight. All five 1.5min rounds were a powerful exchange of hands from Aaron and an explosive combination of hands, legs and knees from David. Aaron managed to catch David's leg a few times throwing him to the ground but David unfazed got back up each time and continued to brake apart his opponent leg with powerful kicks. David won the fight on points. More work on your fakes next time David! Good fight!

Last fight for us on the day was our Super Heavy Weight Champion Daniel Sam vs the imported Greek Thanadis Michaloulos from the Spyropoulos Muay Thai Management gym. The fight was 3, 3min rounds under K1 rules. Both fight started with a clash of kicks but Daniel left a more lasting impact on his opponent. Thanadis showed his experience using spinning back kicks, low kicks punches and jumping attacks but Daniel was unfazed and used effective footwork to cut off his opponents escape. In the second round Daniel began expressing his power a force hitting Thanadis with punches to the head and tree chopping kicks to the body and the legs. In the third round Daniel asserted his authority smashing up his opponent with more punches to the head and knees to the body. His opponent dropped to the ground 90seconds into the third round with no desire to continue the fight. Turn on the force quicker next time Daniel. Good fight!

To Big, too Strong, too Skillful!

"Practice makes the Master"

Team photo by Bruce Basudde all other photos by warrior Thomas.

Thomas’s win for MTMA

Thomas had put in hard work preparing for the Super Muay Thai Championship event on the 19th June but his opponent dropped two days before the show. At short notice an opportunity came up for him to fight against the heavy handed Colin Wilby at the Semtex Xplosion event on Saturday 18th June. Colin Wilby had a big crowd supporting him at the event and when Thomas came into the ring the hostility was obvious. From the start of the fight both fighters went to war exchanging a heavy array of knock out punches. Thomas shattered his opponent knocking him to the ground three times with a strong combination of punches and knees. 90 seconds into the first round Thomas knocked down his opponent again with a strong left jab winning him the fight. More legs next time Thomas. Good fight, Another big win for the camp!

Charlie Leathers fight win for MTMA and Muscle limits gym

On the 3rd June 2011 Charlie Leathers defended his IBA British Super Middleweight Boxing Champion belt when came up against Terry Wright at the infamous Circus Tavern. Charlie who trains under the MTMA fight coaches and Muscle limits gym is a champion who always trains hard for every fight and in this fight it showed with a great display of his strength and explosive skill. He knocked out his opponent 60seconds into the first round. Charlie Leathers is still the undisputed IBA British Super Middleweight Boxing Champion.

Good fight Charlie!

David’s fight victory for MTMA

After a long period of time preparing for a fight David Sa had three opponents pull out of the show a week before the fight. An opportunity then arose for him to take part in the Sunday Brawl held in south London. He accepted the fight at short notice and prepared himself for the challenge. His opponent was a strong and well conditioned fighter from the Banndogs Camp. The fight was held in a MMA styled cage, under K1 rules. David stepped into the  cage with a cool head and kept a focused mind under a tremendous amount of heat and pressure. From the start of the first round both fighters exchanged a fierce barrage of kick, punches, elbows and knees. Two minuets into the first round David knocked down his opponent with a powerful combination of punches. As the fight continued David slipped his challengers solid right hand punch and hit back with a ferocious punch of his own knowing down and out his opponent. David had an explosive fight and brought a great victory back for Muay Thai Masters Academy. Good fight David, well done!

Elvis’ fight victory for MTMA

Elvis came up against a formidable fighter from team Tieu Huy Pham. His opponent had good all round techniques and strong legs. Elvis had unfortunately injured his dominant kicking leg during training but he was still game for the fight. The Muay Thai Masters Academy coaches advised him on a strategic tactical plan that would nullify his opponent without relying on his strongest leg. It was a hard and competitive but Elvis proved that he could carry out his game plan against the odds. He won the fight victoriously proving he has the heart of a true champion.

Another great win for the camp, Good work Elvis!

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