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Sundays at Tottenham

As it’s March, Arjan Vinnie and some of the MTMA instructors, fighters and students have travelled to Thailand to train at various camps, participate in the 13th World Muay Thai Championship and to pay their respects during the Wai Kru Ceremony in Ayuthaya for Nai Khanomtom Day (March 17).  Keep an eye out for their updates.

Meanwhile, Sundays in the Tottenham camp means training as usual.  With Kru Star and Kru Rohat taking the classes through hard cardio and technical drills, punctuated by strength building exercise,  there is also light play, conditioning and other drills to help students (both new and experienced) hone their skills and ring craft.

Sessions run from 1pm at Tottenham Sports Centre, 701-703 High Road, N17, as well as Tuesdays from 7pm and Wednesdays from 8pm.

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MTMA Classes in EN1

As part of the ongoing growth of Muay Thai Masters Academy, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding into Enfield.

Sessions will be run by Kru Rohat, a talented instructor who has many years experience in Muay Thai, in achieved his Kru (Teacher) accreditation in Thailand in 2013 after demonstrating proficiency in both Muay Thai and Muay Boran.

Classes are held at Enfield Rangers Football Club, Carterhatch Lane, EN1 4LJ (here), and are on Mondays and Fridays from 7pm-9:30pm.  Fees are £10 for adults and £5 for children.

Contact Kru Rohat on 079392 699 073 or if you need any further information

Muay Thai Masters Academy Thailand Trip 2015

Kru LionHeart and 4 students from our Liverpool St branch and Kru Vaz and two junior fighters from our Liverpool Street camp had an amazing training trip this year.

We spent the first 7 days training 4-6 hours every day learning from Grandmasters of the Kru Muay Association in Bangkok, exploring aspects and techniques of both the ring sport (Muay Thai) and the battlefield (Muay Boran). Whilst there, our two junior fighters competed in the World Games and won gold medals.

We then traveled to the beautiful island of Koh Samui and recharged and relaxed. We also spent another 5 days training 4hrs every with head fight coaches at the WMC camp.

Great trip!!  Check out pictures in the gallery

Enfusion Update

Our Daniel Sam went to Koh Samui to participate in Enfusion: Search  for the SuperPro, the 16 man tournament, and it is with booming pride, that he returns to the UK with the belt.  After 9 hard rounds against some real heavy hitters, Daniel emerged victorious.  

Once we know where the show will be aired or streamed, we'll be sure to keep you posted about where you can see the action.  In the meantime, Daniel Sam has brought the Enfusion 2013 Champion Title to the UK and to Muay Thai Masters Academy.  We'll also let you know about other events, so check back here or on our Facebook group.

New Academic Year at MTMA

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new academic year at Muay Thai Masters Academy’s Tottenham HQ.  We had a busy, high energy session where we could hardly hear the music over the sounds of the skipping ropes during the 5 round warm up.  We meditated on the topics of discipline and respect, and how we apply these ideals to our own lives; personally and within our learning of Muay Thai.

As it’s a new academic year, after some pads, Kru Clifford took the class through various interactive drills, revisiting and sharpening our mahd (punch), kao (knee) and dtae (kick) techniques, as well as some defences and counters, whilst Star went through some advanced techniques with Marcello and Jordan, two of our junior fighters, who are fighting at the Immortals show in Milton Keynes this weekend. Arjan Vinnie worked with some students in order to prepare them for their 3rd Kahn grading, which they will undertake later on this month.  Daniel Sam stopped by after spending some time training in Holland at Mike’s Gym, prior to going to Thailand to participate in Enfusion, which starts on the 7th of this month.

It was a great start of the academic year, and I hope it continues like this, with all trainers and students at MTMA giving their all to develop themselves and each other.  We all started to work off the barbeques and the rest of the summer break we all enjoyed, and now look forward to focusing on how we can develop ourselves and our Muay Thai.

We have a lot to look forward to this year.  As well as ongoing training and grading, we’ll be hosting a few interclubs (the first being on 13th October- Spurs permitting), hosting Boran workshops and seminars, as well as organising another trip to Thailand in March.

It’s never too late to come to any of our sessions, and revisiting the themes that we will meditate on this month, we all need to apply some discipline to identify how we can push that much further, and give ourselves and each other the respect we deserve.

Ka poon kha


Daniel Sam at Enfusion, Thailand

After a gruelling week of training at Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam, Holland, Daniel Sam is preparing to fly out to Koh Samui, Thailand to participate in Enfusion: Search For The Super Pro.  This is a Reality style TV Show in which the contestants from different countries compete for prizes and acclaim in the finals.  Each fighter who participates in Enfusion are known as the best in their home country, representing both themselves and their nation.  Enfusion is also dedicated to enhancing female athletes in the sport of kick boxing, as all the coaches are females who will also compete in the finals.  There are going to be 16 episodes in all, and they will be recorded between the 7th and 17th of September.  The airing date has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated about how and where to see the show.

Daniel has also come across a number of his opponents in previous bouts.  The full roster of fighters, as well as more information about the show, can be found here.

For first hand updates from Daniel himself, like his official page on Facebook, which can be found here, or find Muay Thai Masters Academy on Facebook.

New Classes in Blackhorse Road

Further to our expansion, we are now running sessions in the Walthamstow area at the North London Eddie Kone Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (EKBJJ) Academy.  We are pleased to be working alongside such a decorated figure in the BJJ world, and have the opportunity to share techniques across the arts. 

Sessions are run by Kru Richard (who was decorated in Thailand this year) and Martin (who has a wealth of teaching experience in and outside of the UK) and take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm-10pm.

Sessions will take place at Studio 204 Landmark House, Uplands Business Park (B), off Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow, London, E17 5QJ.

Click here for a map

New Classes in Acton & East Ham

We are pleased to announce that as part of the ongoing expansion of Muay Thai Masters Academy, we have started up new classes in West and East London, which are as follows:

  • Cardio Kick Boxing with Stylus,  Every Thursday from 8:00pm-9:00pm, Kiss Gym,  Unit 4, 195 The Vale, Acton, W3 7QE

Click here for a map

  • Muay Thai with H, Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30pm-9:00pm, Muscle Mania Fitness, Unit 3, The Mews, Kempton Road, East Ham, E6 2LD

Click here for a map

We hope to see you soon at one of our classes.  If you have any questions, get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Kru LionHeart Pad-Work Special

A great session was had by all in London’s Liverpool Street last night. A great warm up designed to enhance and energise the body and an ab session to seriously strengthen and blow away the cob webs from sitting at a desk all day! Kru Lion gave a brilliant technical pad session working simple drills and combinations in order to hone techniques, build striking strength and accuracy. As a team we worked together in group pad-work drills and 121 pad-work drills. New students developed pad holding skills, (no easy task) and everyone utilised great mahd, dtae and Kao techniqes. Most importantly we all improved and had great fun working together. The energy level of the class was kept at a high standard, perfect for this type of physically demanding martial art.

‘Practice makes the Master’

Club Secretary Liz
LionHeart Muay Thai – Liverpool St

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