News from the Battlefront- October 2017

At the end of September, Daniel Sam took an impressive win at the Phoenix 3 Show at the O2, winning by 3rd round TKO against Steven Banks (USA).  Check out the fight below:

Coming up this weekend, Mina from MTMA will be seeking a title at the Troxy in East London.  He’s been training hard, so we wish him every success.  We’ll let you know how he does

The following weekend at MTMA HQ in Tottenham, we’ll be hosting another interclub, which will be the opportunity for fighters new to the ring and those returning to demonstrate their skills and represent their camps. As always, it’s bound to be a great day out for the family.  There is parking available, but it’s limited, so get there early.

Muay Thai Masters Academy Interclub- 13th October 2013

On Sunday, 13th October, we’ll be hosting an interclub at our HQ in Tottenham. 

The show starts at 12:00 with junior fights, and we have a jam packed roster of over 30 junior and adult fights, both decision and non-decision bouts, as well as a demonstration of traditional Muay Boran (always amazing to see). 

Entry for adults is £10, and £5 for 6 to 15 year olds.  Under 6s are free.  Snacks and refreshments are available on the day.  Parking in the local area is unrestricted, and the club is easily accessible by public transport. 

This is the chance for our fighters, and those visiting, the opportunity to showcase their ring craft and Muay Thai Spirit.   We’ll be having visiting fighters from the KO gyms, Benfleet, Karma, Nemesis, Lloyds Gym, Red Dragons and others. 

The address of our gym is Tottenham Community Sports Centre, 701-703 High Road, Tottenham, N17 8AD.  It’s in the annexe on the left.

Get in touch if you have any questions ( ), and get there early if you want a guaranteed seat. 

Daniel Sam at Enfusion, Thailand

After a gruelling week of training at Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam, Holland, Daniel Sam is preparing to fly out to Koh Samui, Thailand to participate in Enfusion: Search For The Super Pro.  This is a Reality style TV Show in which the contestants from different countries compete for prizes and acclaim in the finals.  Each fighter who participates in Enfusion are known as the best in their home country, representing both themselves and their nation.  Enfusion is also dedicated to enhancing female athletes in the sport of kick boxing, as all the coaches are females who will also compete in the finals.  There are going to be 16 episodes in all, and they will be recorded between the 7th and 17th of September.  The airing date has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated about how and where to see the show.

Daniel has also come across a number of his opponents in previous bouts.  The full roster of fighters, as well as more information about the show, can be found here.

For first hand updates from Daniel himself, like his official page on Facebook, which can be found here, or find Muay Thai Masters Academy on Facebook.

Daniel Sam Vs Anderson “Braddock” Silva

Daniel Sam vs Anderson “Braddock” Silva at the Glory 9 show in New York on the 22nd June. Daniel has been training at Mike’s Gym in Holland, and has had the opportunity to get some sparring in with some real heavy hitters, such as Alistair Overeem. Following his last performance at Glory 5 in March, where he defeated Singh Jaideep by way of unanimous decision, we are confident that Daniel will give another amazing show in the international forum. This event will be available on Pay-Per-View, and we’ll be sure to share any links we come across.


16th June KO Interclub

On 16th June, there will be an N-Class show at KO Bethnal
Green, where we will have a number of fighters representing Muay
Thai Masters Academy, who are aiming to develop their ring craft
and their own fight experience. We have more than 15 fighters, both
junior and adult, demonstrating their skills to their supporters
and other gyms. It’s bound to be great day of Muay Thai, and is
taking place ay the KO Bloodline Gym, 152 Clapton Lower Clapton
Road, London, E5 0QJ. Entry is £10 for adult spectators, £8 for
junior spectators and free for under 10s.

Life Fit London – 121 Personal Training

Life Fit London is offering exclusive transformational health and fitness packages.
Each of our fitness workouts are designed to suit your individual needs.

*Weight Loss  *Strength & Cardio Training
*Boxing  *Muay Thai / Muay Boran  *Core Conditioning  *Posture Alignment
*Flexibility  *Co-ordination Development  *Life Style & Nutrition Coaching

Don't delay call Kru LionHeart today: 07957 994 138


Kru LionHeart
Muay Thai Masters Academy
"Respect, Honor and the Heart of a Lion"

Life Fit London


April Update- Thailand Trip & Daniel Sam at Glory 5

Over the last year or so, everyone at Muay Thai Masters Academy has been raising money to sponsor two students to go to Thailand.  Richard and Rohat have been training at and fighting out of Muay Thai Masters Academy for a number of years, and were well on their way to becoming proficient Krus (teachers).  Instructors and students banded together to raise over £2000; from hosting interclubs to sky diving to abstaining from coffee, everyone contributed massively to get the boys to Bangkok. 


On 10th March, along with Arjan Vinnie, Vaz, Lionheart, Dion and Danielle, they flew to Bangkok for the World Muay Thai Championships.  There they trained with some of the greats: Kru Suphan Chabairam, Kru Mud Chaiyarat, and Grand Master Woody, as well as Krabi Krabong under Colonel Amnat Pooksrisuk and Muay Boran under Master Phosawat Saengsawang, and on 17th March, Nai Khanomtom Day, Richard, Rohat, Vaz and Lionheart received their Kru certificates and participated in the Wai Kru ceremony at Ayutthaya.

Following this, the gang went to Kaiphontip, a training camp on the north-western outskirts of Bangkok, to train for a week, pushing themselves with twice daily gruelling training sessions.  Although it was a quieter environment than the city, the quality of one to one training was amazing, and far more physical than the previous week.  

On a more local note, on 23rd March, at Daniel Sam fought Singh Jaideep at Glory 5 at the London Excl Centre.    He won by way of unanimous decision after 3 hard rounds, knocking Singh down in the first round.  Singh came back in the 2nd, but Daniel kept the pressure on, winning the 3rd round.

Find us on Facebook for more pics and vids: Muay Thai Masters Academy

New Classes

Check out our new classes in East Ham, Chadwell Heath and Southwark. Also update to classes in Woodgreen!!

New Classes with Kru Daniel, Kru Vaz and Kru Stylar.

Check out classes page for more details…

Muay Thai Masters Academy

"Practice Makes The Master"

Daniel Sam’s at Fight Club in Romania

On the 17th November, 2011, Daniel Sam, Muay Thai Masters Academy’s Number One Heavyweight fighter will be participating in an 8 man heavy weight tournament in Oradea, Romania.  He’s trained hard under the experienced tutelage of Arjan Vinnie Deckon both in London at Muay Thai Masters Academy HQ and in Amsterdam at Mike’s Gym, and we have every confidence that Daniel Sam will deliver the goods with his powerful flying knees and devastating low kicks. 

The tournament and the subsequent super-fights will be televised on live on Eurosport 2 at 1900.



The tournament line up is:

Stefan Leko v Tsotne Rogava

Slavo Polugic v Coco Rus

Christian Colombo v Roman Kleibl

Daniel Sam v Ben Edwards

Sebastian van Thielen v Errol Zimmerman


Super-Fights on the night are:

Neil Cooke v Alexandru Lungu

Rico Verhoeven v Hesdy Gerges

Summer Muay Thai Course at Ilford Fitness First

Summer Muay Thai Course at Ilford Fitness First
With Instructor Vaz
Do you want to see your child grow in focus, gain more self confidence, feel good about themselves, have fun, make new friends and at the same time learn to enjoy and participate in the ancient sport of Muay Thai?
If the answer is yes, then please bring your children to our Summer fun Muay Thai Classes children.

Beginners start from 5+ years
All levels welcome
5 Week's Course Classes 17.00-18.00
£20.00 for the full course

A Summer Course will also be commencing for both Adults and Children for £25.00

Open day on Monday 8th August – Saturday 13th August @ 1.30pm – 6.00pm

Monday – Wednesday@ 2:00pm – 3.00pm,3.00pm – 4pm (Childrens)
4.00pm -5.30pm (Adults)

Thursday – Friday@ 2.00pm – 3.00pm (Kids)
3.00pm – 4.30pm (Adults)

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