October Interclub Update

The October Interclub was a massive success.  We had junior and adult fighters from our camps all over London step into the ring and demonstrate their technique that they've been drilling for months, and their hard work and spirit.  Each of the fighters set themselves a goal… whether it was to try out real fight conditions, or to revisit these condition,or maybe to start a career in Muay Thai…. and each of these goals were smashed.  We would love to salute these fighters for demonstrating their courage and skill at our event, and also to the fighters and trainers from the other gyms who participated.  Also, a massive thanks to the local community and the wider Muay Thai community for attending.

Team Tieu Interclub at Seni Show- 13th September, 2014



Team Tieu will be hosting their largest interclub to date as it will be taking place during SENI / The Combat & Strength Show at the O2 Arena. Over 5000 people will be at the event per day, this will be an absolutely MASSIVE show. There'll be loads of exhibitions from different martial arts, stands and stores (for any equipment or books). If you've never been to a SENI, its an amazing experience for anyone with an interest in martial arts. For more information about what to expect on the day and how to get some tickets, click here.  


Lloyd, Ali, Rojat & Chequille will be representing MTMA Tottenham, and we're likely to have some fighters from our camps in East and West London.  Please note that although the SENI is a weekend event, our fighters will be participating in the show on Saturday.





Muay Thai Masters Academy Interclub- 13th October 2013

On Sunday, 13th October, we’ll be hosting an interclub at our HQ in Tottenham. 

The show starts at 12:00 with junior fights, and we have a jam packed roster of over 30 junior and adult fights, both decision and non-decision bouts, as well as a demonstration of traditional Muay Boran (always amazing to see). 

Entry for adults is £10, and £5 for 6 to 15 year olds.  Under 6s are free.  Snacks and refreshments are available on the day.  Parking in the local area is unrestricted, and the club is easily accessible by public transport. 

This is the chance for our fighters, and those visiting, the opportunity to showcase their ring craft and Muay Thai Spirit.   We’ll be having visiting fighters from the KO gyms, Benfleet, Karma, Nemesis, Lloyds Gym, Red Dragons and others. 

The address of our gym is Tottenham Community Sports Centre, 701-703 High Road, Tottenham, N17 8AD.  It’s in the annexe on the left.

Get in touch if you have any questions (Danielle.mtma@gmail.com ), and get there early if you want a guaranteed seat. 

MTMA at KO Bethnal Green Interclub on 28th July 2013

This Sunday, we have some great fighters representing us at KO’s Interclub at Bethnal Green.  Minna and Lloyd will be representing the adults.  Marcello, Kamil, Robert and Jordan will be fighting in the junior bouts.  KO tends to throw explosive shows in general, and with our roster of fighters, it’s bound to add some more zest to the show.

Show starts at 12, and entry to the show is £10 for adults, while under 16 are free to get in.  It should be a fun day out for the family, so make sure to go and show your support for our up and coming fighters.

Karma MMA’s first birthday Interclub- 20th July, 2013

This Friday, Karma MMA will be celebrating their first birthday, and in true Muay Thai spirit, what better way to celebrate that to host an Interclub?

Muay Thai Masters Academy juniors will be represented by Jordan, Robert, Fabious and Marcello, whilst Mindaugas "Minna" will be our adult fighter of the day.  They have trained very hard and Jordan, Robert and Minna are having decision fights, meaning that they'll be more explosive than usual.

As a gym which has done much to establish itself within the space of a year, Karma is also raising money for charity, namely the EllenorLions Hospice, and will have a raffle running.  There will also be Jerk food and cakes, not forgetting a bouncy castle for the young and young at heart.

Fights start at 12:00am and entry is £10 for adults and £5 for under 15.

Further information about EllenorLions Hospice can be found by clicking HERE

Junior Interclub at Team Underground

On Sunday, 14th July, Muay Thai Masters Academy will be taking a group of young fighters to Team Underground.  From Tottenham HQ, Jordan, Marcello and Robert will be fighting.  Dominik, Fabious, Adil, Hamza, Amir and Essa will all be fighting out of MTMA Ilford.  We have a wealth of young talent to showcase, and this show will be the chance for the youth of Muay Thai to demonstrate the fruits of their training.  The juniors, as always, are bound to put on a great show.

Refreshments will be provided, as well as food catered by The Siam Orchard Thai Restaurant, adding for an authentic Thai experience.

16th June KO Interclub

On 16th June, there will be an N-Class show at KO Bethnal
Green, where we will have a number of fighters representing Muay
Thai Masters Academy, who are aiming to develop their ring craft
and their own fight experience. We have more than 15 fighters, both
junior and adult, demonstrating their skills to their supporters
and other gyms. It’s bound to be great day of Muay Thai, and is
taking place ay the KO Bloodline Gym, 152 Clapton Lower Clapton
Road, London, E5 0QJ. Entry is £10 for adult spectators, £8 for
junior spectators and free for under 10s.

MTMA at KO Bloodlines and Red Dragons- 4th December

Muay Thai Masters Academy will be participating in KO Bloodline’s Interclub and C-Class Main Event in Euston, and Red Dragons’ Interclub in Mitcham on 4th December.  Tonight was the last night of training, with all our fighters honing their technique, and looking very sharp in the process.

KO Bloodlines will be taking place at the University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY, with the Interclub starting at 12 and the Main Event at 4pm.  Here’s the roster of our fighters on the day, and the categories they’re fighting in:


Zilan (40kg- junior), Lamia (62kg), Diego (36kg- junior), Nicholas (60kg- junior), Marco (64kg), Diego (60kg), Samir (58kg) and Ismael (67kg)

Main Event:

Marcello (35kg- junior), Kru Richard (66kg), David (87kg), Reinaldo (69kg) and Thomas (78kg)

The fighters will be cornered and supported by a fight team, consisting of Arjan Vinnie, Daniel Sam, Pete “the Pistol”, Star and Kru Rohat, as well as cheered on by the rest of the camp.

The address of the Interclub at Red Dragons has yet to be confirmed, but we have a group of fighters ready to go:

David aka Fester (43kg- junior), Santiago (49kg- junior), Donatan (59kg), Donrin (49kg- junior), Angelo (60kg- junior), Aiden (60kg- junior) and Jayden (46kg- junior).

Attending the Interclub with the fighers will be Akin, Louis “the Lionheart” and Matt.

Overall, it’ll be a day of action for Muay Thai Masters Academy, and we expect our fighters to do their best, utilising all their techniques and showing a lot of heart.  Tickets are still available for the KO show from Star (star.mtma@gmail.com) and are £25, and the Interclub at Red Dragons will be pay on the door. 


We had 8 fighters take part in the Semtexgym's Inter-club. All our fighters came up against well trained fighters and the MTMA fight team put on a great show highlighting the clubs skill, fitness, techniques and the ability to carry out a fight plan. Our fighter of the day was "Sam Ortiz" he performed like a true champion in the making. Because of his effort and the way he expressed his Muay Thai he was awarded with our new club kit. Good work fight team!

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