News from the Battlefront- October 2017

At the end of September, Daniel Sam took an impressive win at the Phoenix 3 Show at the O2, winning by 3rd round TKO against Steven Banks (USA).  Check out the fight below:

Coming up this weekend, Mina from MTMA will be seeking a title at the Troxy in East London.  He’s been training hard, so we wish him every success.  We’ll let you know how he does

The following weekend at MTMA HQ in Tottenham, we’ll be hosting another interclub, which will be the opportunity for fighters new to the ring and those returning to demonstrate their skills and represent their camps. As always, it’s bound to be a great day out for the family.  There is parking available, but it’s limited, so get there early.

Team Tieu Interclub at Seni Show- 13th September, 2014



Team Tieu will be hosting their largest interclub to date as it will be taking place during SENI / The Combat & Strength Show at the O2 Arena. Over 5000 people will be at the event per day, this will be an absolutely MASSIVE show. There'll be loads of exhibitions from different martial arts, stands and stores (for any equipment or books). If you've never been to a SENI, its an amazing experience for anyone with an interest in martial arts. For more information about what to expect on the day and how to get some tickets, click here.  


Lloyd, Ali, Rojat & Chequille will be representing MTMA Tottenham, and we're likely to have some fighters from our camps in East and West London.  Please note that although the SENI is a weekend event, our fighters will be participating in the show on Saturday.





MTMA at Smash Muay Thai 6

MTMA's Jordan Packowski will be fighting  Shane Masterson of Knowlesy Academy tonight at the 6th event in the Smash Muay Thai Series, taking place at the Watford Coliseum.  His opponent is fighting out of The Knowles' brothers training camp.  Smash Muay Thai is always a great night, with a high caliber of Muay Thai fights, and an opportunity for Jordan to showcase his skills.  An interesting twist: this show also includes fight bonuses, including “knockout”, “fight of the night”, and “Best Knockout” bonus, which ensure an explosive evening of fights.  

MTMA at KO Blood & Glory- 2nd November 2013

This Saturday, we have 3 fighters at KO's big show, Blood and Glory. All three fighters have put in hours of training and sparring, so we trust that they'll give everyone a great show. The show takes place at York Hall, Old Ford Road, E2, and the first fight starts at 5pm.  Ticket's are still available at Tottenham HQ, so email for tickets and more info.

Daniel Sam at Glory 11


Fresh from his victory at Enfusion less than a month ago, our Daniel Sam in currently in Chicago, getting ready to fight on the Glory 11 show.  He'll be fighting in the heavyweight division, and his opponent is Sergei Kharitonov, an experienced fighter, with an MMA and boxing background.  Their fight is being dubbed "the 545lb battle", and there's no doubt that it's going to be a show of power, skill and heart from both parties.  Check out the article from Glory here, where both fighters are interviewed.

Daniel's profile on the Glory website can be found here– it outlines his record (to date), bio and stats in the Glory World Series.  

As much as all of us at Muay Thai Masters Academy would love to be ringside in Chicago, cheering Daniel on, we're all winding down in preparation for our own interclub, which is on Sunday 13th October at MTMA Tottenham (see below for details).  We hope to see you there.


Enfusion Update

Our Daniel Sam went to Koh Samui to participate in Enfusion: Search  for the SuperPro, the 16 man tournament, and it is with booming pride, that he returns to the UK with the belt.  After 9 hard rounds against some real heavy hitters, Daniel emerged victorious.  

Once we know where the show will be aired or streamed, we'll be sure to keep you posted about where you can see the action.  In the meantime, Daniel Sam has brought the Enfusion 2013 Champion Title to the UK and to Muay Thai Masters Academy.  We'll also let you know about other events, so check back here or on our Facebook group.

Daniel Sam at Enfusion, Thailand

After a gruelling week of training at Mike’s Gym in Amsterdam, Holland, Daniel Sam is preparing to fly out to Koh Samui, Thailand to participate in Enfusion: Search For The Super Pro.  This is a Reality style TV Show in which the contestants from different countries compete for prizes and acclaim in the finals.  Each fighter who participates in Enfusion are known as the best in their home country, representing both themselves and their nation.  Enfusion is also dedicated to enhancing female athletes in the sport of kick boxing, as all the coaches are females who will also compete in the finals.  There are going to be 16 episodes in all, and they will be recorded between the 7th and 17th of September.  The airing date has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated about how and where to see the show.

Daniel has also come across a number of his opponents in previous bouts.  The full roster of fighters, as well as more information about the show, can be found here.

For first hand updates from Daniel himself, like his official page on Facebook, which can be found here, or find Muay Thai Masters Academy on Facebook.

MTMA at Super MTC- July 7, 2013

On 7th July, Team Teiu will be hosting Super Muay Thai Championships 2013 at Scala in King’s Cross, N1 9NL.  One of our up- and-coming fighters, “Die Hard” Ali will be up against Team Tieu’s Jamie in an N-Class bout at 68kg.  Recently Ali has been getting a lot of fight experience at various interclubs and this will be an opportunity for him to demonstrate how his ring craft and Muay Thai have developed.  Ali has experience in other martial arts, and applies his dedication to his training and confidence to the ring.


It’s going to an action packed night, with a roster of fights up to A-Class, with various title fights taking place. 


Tickets are on sale at Tottenham HQ, or email

Daniel Sam Vs Anderson “Braddock” Silva

Daniel Sam vs Anderson “Braddock” Silva at the Glory 9 show in New York on the 22nd June. Daniel has been training at Mike’s Gym in Holland, and has had the opportunity to get some sparring in with some real heavy hitters, such as Alistair Overeem. Following his last performance at Glory 5 in March, where he defeated Singh Jaideep by way of unanimous decision, we are confident that Daniel will give another amazing show in the international forum. This event will be available on Pay-Per-View, and we’ll be sure to share any links we come across.


16th June KO Interclub

On 16th June, there will be an N-Class show at KO Bethnal
Green, where we will have a number of fighters representing Muay
Thai Masters Academy, who are aiming to develop their ring craft
and their own fight experience. We have more than 15 fighters, both
junior and adult, demonstrating their skills to their supporters
and other gyms. It’s bound to be great day of Muay Thai, and is
taking place ay the KO Bloodline Gym, 152 Clapton Lower Clapton
Road, London, E5 0QJ. Entry is £10 for adult spectators, £8 for
junior spectators and free for under 10s.

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